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We like to be as fair as we possibly can in business, but do have to work to a set of terms and conditions, please read these before placing orders.
All services to be paid for in full before return of goods.

Leather thinning charged by square foot, minimum order value £20 + postage & packing + vat.

Leather is a natural product and therefore we recommend you supply a sample for your approval on large batches when going below 0.8mm. Any sample will be charged at our min order value but will be refunded from your first order.
Due to the differences in natural products K.Baggs Trimming takes no responsibility for any damage caused to materials during the thinning process. In the unlikely event of materials being damaged during this process K.Baggs Trimming will waiver any fees, and will process a replacement batch supplied by the customer free of charge.
Due to the natural properties of leather we work within tolerances of + or – 0.05mm

By placing an order, it is assumed the customer has read and accepted our Terms of Business.

Thank you