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The perfect leather thinning resource for all leatherworkers and craftspeople.
Whatever field you specialise in, you'll almost certainly need your leather to be made available in different thickness to suit specific projects. Whether it's a one-off item or a large batch run, there's no need to get stuck with the material being the wrong thickness to work with - our leather thinning service is made to measure!

Your choice of leather is no longer limited by thickness - you can now choose the 'look' you are after, and have it thinned down to the grade you require to work with!
From the lighter weights required by bookbinders, through to the heavier weights used by saddlers – we can provide the service to change the leather you like to the thickness you need!

Not only that, this process helps keep more of a constant thickness across the entire batch, therefore aiding ease of your production process and increasing the quality level of the final results.

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