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We are still operating a reduced service throughout the period.
If sending us materials, please see our
contact page for updated delivery address details.
Thank you.

Using the world's finest automated and specialist equipment, we can perform leather thinning / leather splitting / leather skiving, on almost any form of leather from 8mm down to 0.1mm and up to 55cm wide – by as long as you like!

We offer the best and most reliable leather thinning service available.
'Leather thinning' or 'splitting' is the specialist preparation of your leather to a thinner thickness needed for your required work.This is carried out using the latest electronically controlled machine we have imported from Italy the home of high class leather work! This processes the leather by slicing the back or splitting the leather in half to leave the top layer the desired finished thickness you require. This is done leaving a smooth and even finish on the back of the leather.

This process also helps level the surface of the leather as many leathers vary in thickness across the hide. Part splitting is also possible for items where an edge needs to be thinner than the rest for turning around something. Border thinning or frame edge thinning is available; ask for details or for a pattern to be done using your leather sample. Whether you need large batch thinning for your production or just a single small piece for button making all orders are just as important to us.

We've been operating this service for nearly 10 years and have a huge amount of experience in getting the perfect end result!

How to order
The process couldn’t be simpler! Just send your leather to us at the address shown oposite – any length, any shape up to a maximum width of 550 mm (21.5 inches), along with a small test piece for the machine set up and we will then process and dispatch back within 7 days, hopefully quicker!
We process every Tuesday and Thursday.
For larger batch orders a delivery time can be agreed and time of despatch by UPS if needed. Once processed we despatch twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

• Please see our Terms & Conditions

Please note
our new phone number:
01202 744366


• Leather thinning from 8mm down to 0.1mm
• Up to a maximum width of 550mm. (55cm or 21.5 inches)
• Any length
• Any shape
• One offs to Large batch quantities undertaken
• Quick turn around on small batches
• Any thickness from 8mm down to 0.1mm
(material permitting)
• Discount on Large batch orders
• Process run every Tuesday and Thursday
• Totally reliable service and quality
• Established 2008
A reduced Leather thinning service service will be operating throughout this difficult period. We will process and dispatch ASAP depending on the restrictions at that time.
NB: Please email us to let us know you have an order on its way to us!

Leather Thinning department
K Baggs Trimming
Unit 6 Cortry Close
BH12 4BQ
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